Naturopathy training with Levinson Beatrice , Naturopathe

Welcome to this brand-new space dedicated to your Naturopathy training, a field that I am particularly fond of, the field of Natural health!

Naturopathy is a real passion, to which I was introduced as a child, thanks to my parents who used natural medicines to treat me as soon as the 1960’s. It was therefore quite natural that I turned to Naturopathic studies at the age of 20.

Today, I feel an infinite gratitude to practice this profession, which not only allows me to help others, but also enriches me personally on a daily basis, far beyond what I could have imagined.

Through the thousands of people I have met, in consultations and conferences, I realized that the majority of them had a need to better understand the functioning of their body, to better understand where their health problems came from, and especially, to learn what to do about it.

It is because of the needs and demands of my patients, that I decided to offer an online Naturopathic training, dedicated to all people, so they can learn the very important tools that I use in my daily practice, and apply them for themselves and their families.

Teaching should be such, that what is offered is seen as a precious gift and not as a difficult task.

Albert Einstein

This teaching is the fruit of 35 years of experience and practice between France and the United States, and is intended for all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the body, in order to preserve or improve their health, or that of their loved ones.

It is composed of 9 modules, which are progressive.

Module 1 The digestive system
Module 2 The Hormonal system
Module 3 The thyroid gland
Module 4 The adrenals glands
Module 5 The nervous system
Module 6 The cardiovascular system
Module 7 The different diets
Module 8 The quality of food and supplements
Module 9 The organs of elimination.

They are conceived and designed to bring you a very high level of knowledge, so it is necessary to follow them in a progressive way, that is to say, to have followed lesson # 1 before starting # 2, then so on.

This class covers the basics of anatomy, physiology, and pathologies. Then, I share my own very particular remedies, that I have used and proved to be efficient, over my years of experience.
At the end of the 9 modules, there will be a test, with Q&A, for you to review and evaluate your acquired knowledge.

The natural medicine that I practice, is called functional medicine. It is an investigation carried out in the depths of the body, in order to understand the multiple causes of its disorders. It is the opposite of a “band-aid” medicine, which does not interest me. I hope to convince you of its benefits and to share my passion with you. If you join me, you will be able to appreciate the important benefits for your health.

If you are interested, I invite you to follow me in this great adventure: The discovery of the human body!

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Best wishes,