Hi Beatrice,

At the end of February, just before I started my low-carb diet I took a comprehensive blood test. I took a second test yesterday.

During this time I didn’t take my Statins and my Metphormin.  A first break after 10 years, so I was worried I’d be exposed without my “protective” pills.

And guess what?

  • my A1c went down to 5.0 from 5.5
  • Cholesterol went up to 188 from 130  — which is the desired level for brain health — I thank you for pointing out that my Chl. was way too low!
  • HDL ratio up to 4.0 from 3.3 (well, b/c my Chl. is now higher)
  • LDL  up to 126  from 62 — still in the OK range
  • Tri    down to 75 from 143

First time in 25 years that my blood profile looks balanced!

Thanks!  I hope life in France is what you wanted,