Susan Rautine

On June 13, 2005, I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis by a doctor in Santa Cruz, and from then on, for a couple of years, I was given increasingly more medications and higher doses, until I was taking Remicade, which is the top drug given for the immune deficient medical situation. Remicade, I learned—but not from the rheumatologist—is a form of chemotherapy; it is administered by an intravenous therapy taking about an hour and a half for each procedure.

After four sittings with the drug, I decided to discontinue the procedure. I was not seeing the results I expected for a return to good health. The decision was difficult; I did worry that I would have to go back to taking Remicade—and the accompanying drugs—prescribed as it had happened before when my condition got worse (more pain, more stiffness, less mobility).

A friend had recommended Beatrice and I had kept her in mind for minor health issues. I decided not only to consult her for my general health, but to see if she would work with me with my rheumatoid arthritis. I hadn’t known that she did such treatments, but she said she would take me on.

Since about 2007, I have not had to go back to the rheumatologist at UC San Francisco. My health continues to get better. I am almost free from the pain in my hands, feet, knees, that I had suffered so terribly from everyday for a couple of years. At the worst of my disease, my hands couldn’t grip a knife to cut my food or hold my toothbrush. Although before I had been doing advanced yoga poses, I couldn’t get down on the floor to do yoga.

I am grateful for Beatrice’s practice because now I don’t have to take the strong drugs whose side effects made my health worse in other ways, and I’m particularly appreciative that I can rely on her to understand my condition and be able to help me overcome it. My experience has been that she diagnoses, tells me what to take and what to do, and within about a week, I am back to feeling healthy and energetic.

I did not expect to be feeling this well, knowing that I did not want to continue with the traditional medical procedures. I would hope that others wanting to take the same path as I did can find equally competent alternative ways of getting well from a major health problem. Just like my friend, I have often recommended Beatrice to people I know.