Since years, I experienced very unconfortable rashes, skin problems , yeast infections, stomach pain, constipation…

Yes, these disorders were unconfortable. But they were in my body for many years, so I believed nothing could change this reality. And I didn’t ask for help because I just thought it was the way it should be. Theses symptoms belonged to me, and I accepted them as a part of myself.

But at one point, I started to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This painful symptom was too much for me. And I decided to ask for help. That’s the reason why I decided to consult Beatrice Levinson.
This was a great thing to meet her on my way, because it was just like the begining of an inner adventure.

When I was told not to eat wheat, I was very disapointed ! I couldn’t imagine myself having a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner without wheat.What would I eat instead of bread, pasta, and home-made pie…. ?

In the past, I had read one or two nutrition books, and I thought that most of my cooking was healthy. I often ate vegetables and cereals. I was proud to prepare my meals from scratch instead of chosing the easy way of eating : junk-food, TV diners…

Well, I had to reorganize my shoping list, and learn to prepare new kind of food…

This adventure was possible because I was not alone. Beatrice Levinson led me on this path by giving me some very useful readings and tips. I could ask her every kind of questions than came into my head : what oil should I use ? Is spelt allowed in my diet ?… I felt relieved and secured to find somebody to answer to all my questions.

I discovered plenty of delicious new recipes. Cooking without wheat doesn’t mean tasteless cooking ! Today I don’t crave bread anymore, but it was not that easy at the begining !

When I was alone at home, all was clear and easy. My husband supported me and started to eat just like me. I knew exactly what I was supposed to cook and to eat. But I was afraid to lose this self-determination outside. That’s why during the first month of my diet, I avoided to have dinner with my friends. In other words, I was hiding myself from others, thinking that not to eat wheat would mean weird and bizarre for everyone !!

The most difficult part was to follow my diet in my familly. This problem had nothing to do with the diet point but adopting new foods meant much more than I imagined. It’s like you’d chosen a new identity. And this new identity was difficult to assume and to be accepted by my family members. As far as I can remember, I’d always been known as a
« hungry person », able to eat almost a full pie at once! Everybody else expected me to be like that, and so I was !

But I took the time to explain that I was trying to heal, and that I needed help. I took also the time to cook for others, and to share my new recipes.
My family appreciated my almond meal cake, quinoa, millet…
In fact, I just learned that my mother has now changed her usual cooking oil for an unrefined and healthier one. One of my friend was surprised we could heal by changing foods. She consulted for her two-years-old girl. She is actually very surprised to notice a real improvment in her daugther’s strong allergies. My husband’s brown bag lunches are now famous and popular in his workplace.

Now, I feel more confortable to respect my diet while I’m with other people . I ‘m not afraid anymore of my new decisions.

By following my naturopath’s counsel, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome improved quickly. By the way, some of my old symptoms disapeared. : constipation, stomach pain, yeast infection… I was so surprised by this unexpected relief. I enjoy this new confort ! In the past, I didn’t realize these symptoms were related to foods. Now I know how to avoid these old disorders. Something changed in my mind because I am now able to restore my own body’s balance.

What I have learned is much more than to stick on a diet. Beatrice Levinson taught me basic tools to cleanse and to strengthen my body. For example, I started to use Tea Tree oil for my intimate hygiene, or practicing the Raindrop Therapy Technique, which consists of massaging my back with 7 different essential oils. I also drink apple cider vinegar with my main meals to help my digestion, and I follow the principles of « The Body Ecology Diet ». For me, all of these were new steps to a new health’s consciousness . I give more attention and more love to my body while taking care of my bowels, my liver, my stomach, my vagina, and my back’s muscles…

That’s why I say, it ‘s an adventure to heal : on my path, I found what I didn’t expect . Today, for me, this adventure continues by going deeper in the consciousness of my body, and of myself.

Thank you ! Nathalie