It is true that time is running out of time and that I have not been back to you for a long time, although I am continuing my journey towards regained health!
I would say that at the level of diabetes, there has been a significant improvement since the beginning of GAPS more than a year and a half ago. With a 5.6 stable gly hemoglobin since the beginning (I was at 7 for years before starting GAPS). There are some ups and downs, but it’s inherent in this disease, I think, which reflects a lot of the physical and psychological state you’re in. In other words, the holidays were life-saving, glycemic was perfect and physical activity allowed me to significantly lower my insulin doses. On the other hand, re-entry and its lot of stress were a little “bumpy on that balance”, but I thought they were.

Moreover, I have not suffered at all from an allergic episode this year, which had not happened to me since my earliest childhood, what a joy! I used to spend the spring and the beginning of summer in handkerchiefs, last summer had not spared me either unlike this year.
My acne is gradually getting better, the process is slow but I see real improvements.

As a general rule, I feel much more the link between things that happen in my body since I no longer take any medications (except insulin), and many things are related to hormonal cycles (acne, headache, increased blood sugar, etc.). I think that’s important to note, because I wasn’t really aware of it before.The increase in glycemia as a function of the cycle for example had never bothered me. Concerning the headaches, they are only related to the rules and occur about 2 days before, I know perfectly identify them and I wait for them! I had a lot more before…
Otherwise, I am closely followed by Doctor Saby for my teeth, who helps me little by little to find a mouth more seine, and there is work!

In short, for nothing in the world I would go back, many people have the feeling that I make sacrifices by not eating this or that anymore, but I can only tell them how much better I feel, and not at all frustrated! It is a whole, a general feeling.I know that the road is still long but I am not out of breath, quite the contrary!

I look forward to seeing you again in consultation as soon as my schedule permits.