Prepare your first GAPS visit

A visit to Béatrice Levinson, Naturopath opens with a typical consultation and review of a detailed questionnaire about your health and symptoms, followed by specialized natural alternative health testing methods to define the origins of your health problems.

We believe that dealing with symptoms is just not enough, which is why Béatrice Levinson always seeks the root causes, and addresses them. If you would like our help in tracking down and resolving the source of your heath problems:

Please email Béatrice at: to schedule your first appointment.

Please complete the two forms below before your first visit, as this will give us the data we need to get started right away, and email them to

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few questions new patients often ask:

  1. What is a first visit like?
    You will meet Béatrice Levinson for a one-hour to two-hours consultation. She will review in detail your health questionnaires completed before your visit, then discuss your health, your symptoms and concerns, as well as your goals. This will be followed by specialized testing’s if necessary, to define the origins of your health problems, and then she will build up a plan to address your concerns.
  2. Does my health insurance cover Naturopathy?
    Unfortunately, very unlikely.
  3. How do I pay for my visit?
    We accept payment by checks or PayPal.